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A gardener’s daily journal.

My Love affair with dirt

This week I pruned all the Prive hedges and we mulch them really heavily. The roses also have gotten completely out of control and I had to deadhead and really cut them back to about half their size. They were about to take over all the buildings at both the farm and at home. That said they’re in full bloom and are absolutely gorgeous. The hollies are full of red berries. I just cut a bunch of branches off one of my Fuji green giants and I started about 38 cuttings along with about 40 hydrangeas that I got from Mary’s house.

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Took the kids for a swim last night after school snd got some inspiration as I strolled around. Beautiful colors .

September 9, 2022 – Friday. Gorgeous fall weather. Today plan to work more with my cuttings, water all the hydrangeas and transplant some red maple saplings to a more permanent place in the yard. I’ll mulch also.