comfort food

Comfort to me and happiness to me has always been a home with a crowded table full of people loving talking laughing. And in order to draw people to the table like that you have to serve a lot of real good food.

My Favorites

Garlic Cheese Grits

This it. Number one comfort food for me. Garlic cheese grits. This is home. I could eat this all day long and restore my soul with every bite.

Panuche Icing

Not sure if this is icing or fudge but it is the cake frosting of my childhood. So yummy. You can put it in any cake – traditionally spice cake but I prefer a basic yellow cake.

Pasta Salad


Soft Gingerbread cookies

Favorite Christmas gingerbread recipe. Reminds me of the cookies I used to get from Burke’s bakery in Danville, Kentucky