Dragonfly Farms

Back in September I wrote a post about Dragonflies being my spirit animal – seeing them everywhere but not knowing what they were trying to tell me. Now I know. this winter we happened upon a very magical museum of a building and fell in love with it and now it has become home. The man who dreamt up the home and created it is truly an artist and has become a true friend. He named his home Dragonfly Farms. The moment I first drove up to the gate and saw his design I was dumbstruck. there on the gate was the symbol I had been seeing everywhere for a year. I had remembered my future which based on the relativity of time should be possible. I had truly remembered my future. I had had the same exact feeling the first time I stepped foot on Bethlehem Church Farm- the absolute conviction that I had lived there already. I knew I was deeply connected to that dirt and that chunk of land. That was where my memories would be made. https://youtu.be/Lvfy3M6jcGU


Red Cardinals are what I am seeing now. Several bright blazing red birds sitting at my window chirping. then yesterday the idea of them popped into my brain and as I looked up there was a sign in front of me that read “Red Cardinal Drive.”