Unfortunately have seen hardly any monarchs this year despite copious amounts of milkweed growing everywhere on our farm. There’s a lot of milkweed tussock. Last night we had the porch doors open and it sounded like we were on the African savanna about 11 o’clock there was it a Stericha shrieking we lost two chickens I’m still not sure what got them but they were feathers everywhere from a Rhode Island red and a barred rock. Lots of coyote activity last night as well and what sounded like a fox shipping but could’ve also been a small dog. No idea why suddenly last night there was so much nocturnal activity we haven’t had that in a while. Perhaps the Pisces full moon.


Life is full of diverging paths where one must make a choice- and with it risk. Risk loss- risk change, risk making a mistake, risk failure, humiliation, regret. There can be no assurances of what the end result will be but make a choice we must. This is a skill that has to be honed and developed. It’s perhaps one of the greatest skills a human can develop- to connect deeply to one’s primal instinct- trust that North Star and take the leap. Don’t look back. Onward. That is what life is made of. Certainly to be paralyzed by indecision is a choice as well but not one that will ever lead to higher ground. I’ve learned to be comfortable with the discomfort of the unknown and make the choice anyway.

Digging in the dirt

Gorgeous autumn days here. We discovered a hidden pumpkin in the front yard much to the delight of the girls. This week it is just beginning to turn from green to orange. I also propagated buckets and flats of hydrangeas and Thuja green giants this week. My two little buddies Shadow and Stripey follow me everywhere in the front yard. They especially love trips to the chicken yard where they grab an extra little bit of food when we dump the chicken bucket.

I have spotted several large mantids- we hatched a bunch this spring. They seem to prefer all the gourd and pumpkin vines that have volunteered themselves in the front yard they’re all over those right now.